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Automotive air conditioning Repair

It’s only when the hot season arrives that we realize how essential air conditioning is! It always seems warmer inside the vehicle than the outside, and the temperature can rise in just a few minutes without an efficient air conditioning system. Air conditioning is essential for cooling the interior of your vehicle. If your air conditioning system isn’t as efficient as it used to be, or if it just doesn’t work, don’t panic! B2C Auto technicians will make the necessary repairs to ensure that your vehicle’s air conditioning system is back to new. You will be able to get back on the road in all freshness! For electric vehicles, it is a necessity. The battery is cooled with air conditioning.

inspection and repair

inspecting and repairing the air conditioning in your vehicle can be a complex procedure since this system unites several components of different types, namely solid parts and refrigerant fluids (Freon, R134A, R1234yf). To ensure optimum operation, the pressure in the air conditioning system must be maintained at an acceptable level. When inspecting the air conditioning systemB2C Auto will examine and repair if necessary any element that could cause a refrigerant gas leak. Our preventive measures and repairs to automobile air conditioning will extend the life of your system.



To service the air conditioning system, technicians must hold a certification from the Department of the Environment. The workshops are responsible for applying the regulations put forward by this ministry, under penalty of a fine and suspension of practice.

Several workshops that do not have the required certifications and big box stores offer quick solutions to operate the air conditioning system. This solution consists in injecting a hydrocarbon-based gas, or a derivative of propane gas, replacing R134a. This product is marketed in the form of an aerosol can. This solution will prove to be costly. Here’s why:

  • Charging will be deficient
    Charging will be deficient since it is necessary to extract the gas present in the system to know the quantity. Each vehicle has an expected amount of gas. This exact amount of gas allows optimal operation. If the withdrawal is not made, it is impossible to know how much is missing.
    Only a machine designed for this job can extract and measure the gas withdrawn.
    In addition, when recharging, it is necessary to put the system in vacuum in order to remove all traces of air and humidity.
    Again, only a machine designed for the job can perform this task.
    In short, the propane gas-based product sold in aerosol allows you to recharge without creating a vacuum and without knowing the quantity.
    At  B2C Auto , we have the necessary equipment to repair air conditioning loaded with contaminated gas.
  • Contamination of the air conditioning system
    Once propane gas has been injected into the air conditioning system, the mixture of two gases (R134a and propane gas) creates an azeotropic mixture, ie a mixture whose chemical properties are not compatible.
    This mixture cannot be reused in an air conditioning system and renders the system non-functional in the short term. This mixture must be recovered and recycled at an approved center. Recycling fees can be up to $ 100 per book.
    We have very valuable equipment to do the air conditioning service and it is imperative that we do everything in our power to avoid contamination of our equipment. This is why a detection test is done at each visit.
    At  B2C Auto, we have adapted equipment to recover R134a contaminated with propane.
  • Flammable gas
    Hydrocarbons are flammable. In the event of an accident, this refrigerant gas could be a source of fire.
    For all these reasons, this low-cost solution could cause you much more trouble and expense than a job well done from the start.

Maintenance and decontamination

In addition to  repairing the air conditioning  in your  automobile ,  B2C Auto  can decontaminate it by performing an antibacterial “Mist” treatment. This treatment consists of an injection of alcoholic droplets that remove bacteria and impurities that have built up in the system over the years.


Price list - Air conditioning services

Preventive maintenance – removing the gas, analyzing the nature of the gases, recharging the gases with the optimum quantity, cleaning the condenser, replacing the
cabin filter , decontamination ” Mist ”.
$ 159.95
Diagnosis of the air conditioning system – analysis of the nature of the gases, remove the
remaining gases, carry out a leak test with nitrogen, search for leaks visually,
hearing or smell, provide the examination results and estimate the work to be
completed .

$ 179.95

* All parts and liquids extra.

Price subject to change without notice

Update February 1, 2024

For more information on our automotive air conditioning repair services, contact us at 450 622-2465. B2C Auto serves the North Shore of Montreal, Laval, Blainville, Boisbriand, Rosemère and Ste-Thérèse.



Les disponibilités sont de 7h30-17h30 du lundi au jeudi et vendredi de 7h30 à 12h00
Les disponibilités sont de 7h30-17h30 du lundi au jeudi et vendredi de 7h30 à 12h00