Alternator repair

the alternator uses some of the mechanical energy that your vehicle generates and turns it to electric energy (Alternating current) that keeps your battery fully charge and also powers most of your vehicle’s electronic components, it is usually located towards the front of your engine. 

alternator problems signs

1- dead battery.
2- overly bright of dim lights.
3- smell of burning rubber.
4- strange noises or unusual rattles.
5-difficulty starting the vehicle or a stalling problem.
6- battery light on the dashboard.
7- other electrical failures.

repairs and replacement

Usually replacing the alternator is the most effective solution as the rebuilding and fixing costs could be a little overwhelming and most of the time not worth but sometimes the issue can be simple and easily solved without having to replace the alternator. however, at our shop B2C Auto, you won’t have to worry about any of this because our team highly skilled technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle and ensure that they make the correct diagnosis and give you their honest advice on whether replacing or rebuilding the alternator is more suitable for your vehicle’s condition.