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1 an ou 20,000 km Garantie

EV- Electric and hybrid

At  Garage B2C Auto, we have the tools to service  hybrid and electric vehicles. The brands and models are;

  • Nissan Leaf
  • Mitsubishi miev
  • Hyundai ioniq / Kona
  • KIA Niro
  • Tesla
  • Ford Focus
  • Bmw i3
  • Volkswagen Egolf
  • Toyota Prius, Toyota Prius Prime, Toyota Highlander, Toyota Prius C, Toyota Rav4, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry
  • Chevrolet Bolt, Chevrolet Volt, Chevrolet Spark

Electric vehicles require regular maintenance just like internal combustion engine vehicles, even though the sellers of these vehicles claim otherwise

Basic maintenance and checking

Like all other vehicles, EVs experience the same road stresses. Steering and suspension components must be inspected annually to ensure their efficiency. Other components also deserve attention. This is why the manufacturers have planned an annual check or 20,000 km.


In contact with the road, the tires have an impact on safety, road holding and energy consumption. Maintaining pressure is essential. EVs have powerful motor skills that put stress on the tires. The result of these stresses is faster wear and tear. For replacement, a few manufacturers offer tires specifically designed for EVs. We will be able to advise you to meet your needs according to your vehicle.


Wheels whose geometry is out of alignment will result in greater energy consumption. The challenge with EVs is to maximize battery usage time to maximize the distance covered. The geometry has an impact on the rolling resistance, and therefore on the energy consumption. Adjusting the geometry to specification reduces rolling resistance and maximizes battery potential.

Frequency- annual


Brakes are a critical component for electric and hybrid vehicles. The EVs use, by different systems, the braking power of the electric motor to recharge the battery. They are often called upon at the end of braking or during emergency braking. This limited use causes rust and clogging of the system. For this reason, maintenance of the brake system is essential.

Brake fluid should be replaced every 5 years, regardless of km.

Frequency- annual

The air conditioning

For many EVs, the role of the air conditioning and heating system is to maintain the operating temperature of the battery in optimal parameters. In summer or during charging, the battery will be cooled. In winter, the battery will be warmed up.

For this reason, the air conditioning and heating system should be checked every 3 years. The coolant should be replaced every 5 years or 240,000 km.

Frequency – every 3 years for system, 5 years for liquids


We are able to check the Battery Health Status (SOH) of most vehicles

Frequency- annual


Les disponibilités sont de 7h30-17h30 du lundi au jeudi et vendredi de 7h30 à 12h00
Les disponibilités sont de 7h30-17h30 du lundi au jeudi et vendredi de 7h30 à 12h00