Wheel Alignment

Many vehicle owners ask us what wheel alignment is. This process is a verification and correction of the angle of the wheels in relation to the driving path of the vehicle. The wheel alignment  improves the accuracy of driving, fuel economy and tire life. Call a B2C Auto certified technician to align the wheels of your vehicle on your next visit.

the benefits of wheel alignment

Many people ignore the benefits of wheel alignment . This inexpensive process allows owners to get more from their vehicle. wheel alignment  should be done regularly, ideally once a year, since it has several advantages:

  • Better control of the vehicle.
  • Increased maneuverability in curves and changes of direction.
  • Savings since fuel consumption is reduced.
  • Longer life of tires, steering system and suspension.


B2C Auto performs wheel alignment  verification by 3D method. This consists of installing state-of-the-art sensors on each of the wheels to take precise measurements allowing the necessary modifications to be made to the positioning of the wheels.
During the alignment of the wheels , our technicians measure, among other things, the camber of the wheels (degree compared to the vertical angle), the toe-in (distance between the front and rear edges of the tires of the same axis) and the caster ( angle of the tires in relation to the steering axis).