Silencer Automotive

The silencer, also known as the muffler helps to limit the noise produced by the exhaust gases of your vehicle. Corrosion, perforations, gaskets, and loose brackets adversely affect the performance of the silencer. If it gets damaged, it goes without saying that your vehicle will make unpleasant noises for you and other road users. Don’t wait for the situation to progress: have your car silencer repaired at the B2C Auto garage as soon as it starts to experience problems.

Exhaust and antipollution

The silencer is connected to the exhaust and emission control systems which help protect you against emissions such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. These systems aim to improve the air quality in the vehicle and protect the health of the user. They reduce the emissions of air pollutants and make your vehicle less harmful to the environment.

A failure of the silencer and the exhaust or anti-pollution systems is in several cases the source of the appearance of the “check engine” warning light. Your car or truck’s onboard computer measures the performance of your engine through components of these systems. For this reason, we proceed to the verification of the mufflers and exhaust or emission control systems when you bring your vehicle to the garage for service. Ideally, the auto silencer should be checked annually.

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Don’t wait for the situation to progress: have your car silencer repaired at the  B2C Auto garage as soon as it starts to experience problems.